The Right Way To Get A Girl’s Number

Now you have probably been looking at this girl for quite some time now and you are thinking to yourself how will you go about getting her phone number/cell phone number. There are numerous ways you can go about doing this but before you go into any of those techniques you need to understand that the phone number should only be used in order to get close to her, in order to speak to her. While we advocate that the best approach is always the straight forward approach to speaking call girls in karachi to a girl we do acknowledge that there may be cases in which giving them a call may also be a good idea.

Speak To Her Friends

Now if you are in high school or senior year of college the girl you are interested in is bound to be surrounded by a number of close friends. If getting close to the girl you are interested in is not easy then try to befriend one of her close friends. Just tell them straight out that you want her phone number simply because you are interested in speaking to her. You can also get her friends to reveal useful information about her which you can use to further your relationship.

Small Talk Always Works

The other approach which you would want to take and something we highly advise you do is the direct approach to getting her phone number. There are going to be many guys who are nervous and will often get tongue tied when in the company of a beautiful girl. If you are one of these guys the best thing to do is to practice until you are confident. You can probably walk up to the girl you like and say “How is it going?” or probably “Hot day today isn’t it?” The idea here is to strike up some sort of conversation as opposed to outright asking for her number. If you just get a lukewarm reply like “yea” or “no” or ” don’t know” then it means that you have a long journey ahead of you but if she smiles and say “yea great!” or something else it means you were successful. If you get a smile you can quickly follow up with another question like “how did your weekend go? Or something similar. Once you strike up a conversation you can then ask her for her number.

Caution – Refrain From Making Anonymous Calls

If you are a shy guy or someone who really has spaghetti legs when in the company of a girl you may be tempted to call her anonymously. Often times when you do something like that you are doing it from fear of getting rejected. But in 99% of the cases you will get rejected because the girl will think that you are a creep or probably a stalker.

Exercise – Practice Pickup Lines

In this exercise you should make a list of pickup lines. Your lines can be anything you think will trigger a conversation. Then practice them a few times before you head out to.

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